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Because the chatlines are for Adults only, you may need to confirm that you are over 18 years old.

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An introduction to the Speakeasy chatline

It depends where you are! In the UK, the 0872 number we show above costs 13p per minute from most UK landline networks, but some Mobile Networks will charge more. 

The first time you call our chatline number, you will hear a Standard Greetings message which first advises you how to set up your own profile – i.e what you would like other users to know about you. After the standard chatline Greeting, you will hear a menu of different options including the invitation to set up your own Greeting or profile, and to hear other Greetings from other users.

Adult Men and Women looking for a new partner or someone interesting to chat with and possibly more – such as dating. Most of the users are from the UK, but more and more users are from other countries. At any one time, there are large numbers of “live” users – the chat line is 24/7 meaning it can be used at any time of night or day and so it does not matter which country you are calling from.

Not if they are calling from UK. To make sure that both Men and Women are equally represented on our chatline service, we provide a UK Freephone number for girls/ladies. This may seem a little unfair to the men, but the result is a more  balanced number of Men and Women using justchatline. 

Absolutely. And there is a 24/7 Monitoring Service to protect you and make sure that no-one is abusing the justchatline service. The Chatline Service Provider is strictly regulated to make sure of this and so you do not need to worry about the security of your personal details.

Unfortunately the chatPIN service which has this facility is currently unavailable. 

Yes. It is a straight chatline for adult english speaking Men and Women, and it connects to a Service called “Speakeasy” We do offer a chatline for gay men and this is also available 24/7 with full details on our justgay.chat website 

Of course it is! Most of our chatline users are younger than 50, but there are a good number of older men and women looking for new friends or  partners. Check out the personal Greeting for any justchatline user – this will give you a good idea!

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UK Chatline for Adult Men and Women
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justchatline is the best UK Chatline for Adult Men and Women. Make new friends and meet new partners. Straight Chat for Romance and Dating.